Loyal customers spend more

“Well-thought out loyalty schemes achieve great results. By rewarding people who use your brand, you do more than retain your best customers. You also change their behaviour in positive, money-spending ways…and you attract new customers too.”

The benefits of highly relevant loyalty schemes are too good to miss:

  • bigger spending/more visits from your best customers
  • more knowledge about your customers
  • increased brand equity
  • increased customer equity
  • bigger bottom-line profits

Many companies are viewing their existing customers as an essential basis for the continued growth of their business by:

  • Increasing spend
  • Cross selling existing and new products / services
  • Altering payment methods
  • Refer a Friend Schemes

The loyalty scheme provides an opportunity to reinforce Brand values outside of brand purchases. Once a brand transaction is complete the brand awareness can begin to dissipate.

With this in mind Counterpoint have produced an on-line loyalty benefits scheme to help the development of customer loyalty and customer  retention.  The BESTrewards loyalty scheme can be economically tailored to your brand and enables your customers/staff/members to benefit from more than 200 brand & retail discount offers from outside of the public domain to continue that brand experience.

Our Loyalty Scheme BESTrewards can be tailored to your own corporate guidelines and is password protected, accessed seamlessly via your website and new offers are regularly added. This provides a regularly used value extension to your brand. The loyalty scheme is also designed to incorporate Branded communication offers/newsletters etc. – All this, for a cost from just a few pence per member per year.

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